Crypterio v2.3.5-ICO加密货币/比特币网站WordPress主题

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Crypterio v2.3.5-ICO加密货币/比特币网站WordPress主题

在为您的Crypto项目寻找ICO登陆页面或Cryptocurrency网站吗?认识Crypterio –最畅销的高级ICO登陆页面和Cryptocurrency WordPress主题,非常适合任何类型的数字咨询或加密业务。文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-

Crypterio v2.3.5-ICO加密货币/比特币网站WordPress主题
文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-

Crypterio v2.3.5-ICO加密货币/比特币网站WordPress主题
文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-


认识Crypterio –最畅销的高级ICO登陆页面和Cryptocurrency WordPress主题,非常适合任何类型的数字咨询或加密业务。文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-

你们提供专业的加密货币和投资咨询服务吗?您是ICO顾问吗?如果您是专注于加密货币或比特币交易与投资的专家,那么Crypterio WordPress主题将帮助您开发服务。立即下载最佳ICO WordPress主题文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-


Crypterio is ready for a Smart Contract and a Whitelist integration through CSV/XML compatible format to manage token distribution.文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-

With this unique feature, ICO participants can effortlessly and securely register, pass KYC/AML procedure, get approved, and get listed on a Whitelist to purchase tokens during the Initial Coin Offering.文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-

Just integrate your Smart Contract with a Whitelist through CSV/XML readable format to automate token distribution to whitelisted ICO applicants.文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-

Please note, the theme does not include a ready-to-go integration of a Whitelist with a Blockchain platform. You need to develop your own Smart Contract and setup its integration with the Whitelist feature in Crypterio.文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-

Crypterio theme enjoys benefits from a clean yet functional design based on in-depth industry research

With Crypterio theme you’ll get a robust WordPress solution for an ICO landing page, and a professional website for ICO Advisor or Cryptocurrency Investments consulting firm.文章源自 吾爱分享 吾爱分享网-

Blockchain technology consulting and ICO development agencies also can utilize the benefits and special features of the Crypterio WordPress theme. Get today The Best ICO WordPress theme!

Crypterio WordPress theme is in tune with all devices, browsers, and platforms, retina ready and comes with Visual Composer as page builder for free. All customization options are available in the Front-End editor and no coding skill required to edit the existing content, improve it, remove it or add your customized blocks to a page.

Now you’re ready to pack your professional website with high-quality content that will engage and inspire potential customers. Choose how you want to display your services and case studies, for maximum impact on your cryptocurrency business. A choice of templates, including custom pie charts, graphs and progress bars, gives you a range of dynamic and compelling options for showing your clients what you can do.

With Crypterio WP theme the sky is only the limit! No need to be compromise of your Digital Currencies business ideas. Start your Bitcoin business today and hit the crypto market with an affluent website. Get today The Best ICO WordPress theme!

Full Theme Localization in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish languages

Crypterio v2.3.5-ICO加密货币/比特币网站WordPress主题

GDPR ready



  • ICO白名单预注册
  • 德语,法语,西班牙语,日语,中文,韩语,俄语和土耳其语的完整主题本地化
  • 准备好智能合约集成
  • 随附GDPR插件
  • CSV / XML ICO数据导出
  • 实时汇率
  • 虚拟硬币小部件(10个小部件)
  • 硬币兑换计算器(所有世界货币)
  • 实时WP自定义程序的主题选项
  • 包括革命滑块
  • Bootstrap的响应式设计
  • 视差和视频背景
  • Visual Composer页面构建器
  • 3个服务页面模板
  • 2个案例研究模板
  • 2个博客和新闻布局模板
  • 2个团队页面模板
  • AMP就绪
  • 内置SASS
  • 跨浏览器兼容性:Firefox,Safari,Google Chrome,IE10 +
  • 定期更新
  • 800多种Google字体
  • WooCommerce商店
  • 自定义SVG图标
  • FontAwesome图标
  • WPML本地化支持
  • 一键式演示内容导入
  • 音频和视频嵌入
  • 24/7专业支持
  • 随附文件

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